Tax Pooling

Tax pooling is an IRD approved service that helps businesses make the right tax payments at the right time. So instead of paying IRD directly, taxpayers pay into the tax pool when it suits them and an intermediary makes payments to IRD on their behalf.

Tax Pooling is an IRD Approved Service that Helps Businesses Make the Right Tax Payments at the Right Time.

We recommend Tax Management NZ (TMNZ)

TMNZ is New Zealand’s leading tax payment intermediary. Their clients include thousands of small and medium-sized businesses as well as some of New Zealand’s largest banks, state-owned enterprises and well-known corporate names.

Pay provisional tax when it suits your business

TMNZ offers a better way to manage provisional tax, so your payments match your cashflow. All while reducing IRD penalty costs and saving time.

Get more time to pay your provisional tax

By paying TMNZ rather than the IRD, you get more time (up to 75 days after your terminal tax date) and can pay when it suits your business cashflow. They will make sure everything is settled on time with IRD so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Reduce cost of business borrowing

Rather than getting a business loan, you can leverage your income tax to keep money in the business. It’s an alternative to business lending. The best part is, acceptance is guaranteed and no credit checks or applications are required.

Save on IRD interest and late payment penalties

Using TMNZ for past dates means that if you have provisional or terminal tax owing to IRD, you can save up to 30% on interest costs and eliminate late payment penalties altogether.

Pay in instalments or lump sums

Get control over your income tax payments so you pay when the funds come in. Options include paying a lump sum at a fixed date in the future or you can chip away at the balance over time.

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