Let the experts at Tax Link Christchurch take care of your accounting requirements while you take care of your business. At Tax Link we have years of experience in professional accounting services.

We provide accounting services for: Investors, Rental Income Earners, Professionals, Commission Agents, Tradesmen, Self-employed, Small Businesses, Farmers, Partnerships, Private Companies, Estates, Trusts, Clubs, and Societies.


When Tax Link manages your bookkeeping, you gain the peace of mind of knowing that your financial records are up-to-date, accurate, and that your tax filing requirements are met. Our expert accountants will accurately record and store your transactions so you can retrieve specific information when required.


Employing staff requires a wide range of skills, from meeting the requirements of employment contracts, for example, deductions for PAYE and KiwiSaver, through to maintaining records of entitlements for holiday pay, sick leave etc as well as meeting IRD compliance requirements. Payroll can be confusing. We can assist you with your payroll issues, or we can handle your payroll for you. Nowadays there are often ‘Xero-accountants’ or ‘MYOB-accountants’, but at Tax Link we are happy to work with whatever payroll method you prefer.


Tax Link’s budgeting services give you important information on how your business is performing and helps you make plans for the future. We will let you know your exact financial position—how much money you have and how much you owe. We can set productivity targets, measure staff members performance and the performance of various departments. A professional budget is a huge asset to your business.

Cash Flow Forecasting

The reason many new businesses fail is because of cash flow problems. When it comes to your business, don’t just hope for the best! Our cash flow forecasting will give you insight into upcoming challenges or opportunities. Helping you stay on top of your obligations such as suppliers, money lenders and tax payments. We also help you grow by determining when you have the resources to expand.

Invoicing & Debtor Control

Administration headaches can be avoided by letting Tax Link take care of your invoicing and debtors. You probably didn’t get in to business because you wanted to send invoices and chase around debtors? So, why do it? Let the Tax Link team do it for you.

Management of Accounts Payable

Management of accounts payable is a crucial part of doing business. No matter what industry you’re in you are probably paying someone for something! Having a system in place to insure that you always make payments on time means no late payment penalties and good relationships with your suppliers.

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