Tax Preparation


At Tax Link, tax is our largest area of business. Tax is our speciality. Tax is even in our name. Our advisors have the qualifications and the experience to tackle a large range of tax problems, from complex issues to basic questions.

We provide tax preparation services for: Salary & Wage Earners, Superannuitants, Investors, Rental Income Earners, Professionals, Commission Agents, Tradesmen, Self-employed, Small Businesses, Farmers, Partnerships, Private Companies, Estates, Trusts, Clubs, and Societies.


Tax Link are proud to announce we have partnered with Tax Management New Zealand Limited (TMNZ). Pay provisional tax when it suits your cashflow.


Income Tax Returns

Anyone can complete their own Income Tax Return, but that doesn’t mean you’re paying the right amount of tax. It’s all too easy to make a mistake. If you accidentally overstate your income or omit to claim any rebate entitlements or allowances fully you could pay too much tax. Don’t run the risk. Our team of tax consultants ensures that you take advantage of every legitimate tax credit, exemption, deduction and rebate to which you are entitled, ensuring you get the biggest refund or pay the lowest tax legally possible.


GST Returns

GST can be complicated, and regularly preparing frequent GST Returns can be stressful and take up valuable time that you would rather spend on your business or doing something you enjoy. Reduce the stress and let the experts at Tax Link handle your GST Return. We have extensive knowledge on GST legislation and can assist you in many areas, including GST registration, filing GST returns, IRD audit assistance, GST on the sale of business assets, GST de-registering, and more.


PAYE Returns

Filing accurate PAYE Returns is essential if you want to avoid a government audit. But it involves much more than just recording how much you paid your employees. KiwiSaver payments, annual leave and more must also be considered. The team at Tax Link will make sure you achieve complete compliance and give you complete peace of mind.


FBT Returns

The rules for FBT payments change frequently, it can be difficult to keep track of. At Tax Link we keep on top of the latest changes so we can always offer the best advice about dealing with FBT, as well as preparing your FBT returns.

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